06 July 2012

A Scottish Nuptial Blessing

from notes of a Scottish Episcopalian bishop
in the reign of King James

Then shall the Priest say


O GOD who by thy mighty power didst create from nought all things, and didst appoint that out of man, whom thou didst make to thine own image, woman should complete thy work of Creation: look mercifully upon these thy servants, this man and this woman, who now enter into the Holy Estate of Matrimony; knit them together with thee as one, and so vouchsafe to bless them that they obeying thy will may abide in thy love and live in perfect love and peace together unto the end of their lives, which finished grant them, O God, to inherit everlasting life, and that through the merits of Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Then let the 128 psalm be sung, and that done, the Priest shall commend them to God in this sort.

THE LORD sanctify and bless you, the Lord pour the riches of his grace upon you, that ye may please him, and live together in holy love unto your lives end.  Amen.