01 July 2012

You should support this

Casa Walsingham founded by Fr. Peter Walters (a former Anglican now Catholic priest serving in Colombia) is something that all of the Ordinariates and Anglican Use parishes should support.

Fr. Peter Walters

Casa Walsingham is supported by the registered charity Let the Children Live or in Spanish Fundación ¡Vivan Los Niños!  known as Funvini for short.

There is a great risk that the Anglican diaspora in the Catholic Church will be excessively inward (even navel) gazing as structures are developed and challenged.  Looking out beyond the national borders to the mission field beyond is one salutary way of seeing to it that we all stay focused on the Mission of the Church.  Think St. Paul and the Collection for Jerusalem, dear reader.  Should not the Ordinariates around the world have at least one foreign mission in common -- a mission outside of their own continents and nations?

We all can see the need to support a good work drawing its spiritual inspiration from Our Lady's Shrine at Walsingham in England.  Casa Walsingham is that good work.

Remember to pray for Father Peter Walters and the children!  Please donate to support this vital work.  The charity is registered in the UK, and in the USA in the past we have sent donations to Father Peter via Our Lady of Walsingham Catholic Church (Anglican Use) in Houston, Texas to the attention of Margaret Pichon.

Please share these thoughts with other Ordinariate Catholics, Anglican Use Catholics, and the Anglican diaspora within and outwith the Catholic Church.

+Our Lady of Walsingham, pray for thy children.