08 June 2011

Corpus Christi Watershed: St Jean Lalande Library

Corpus Christi Watershed is the young apostolate behind the most important online free Catholic musical libraries that exist on the internet. The significance of their Saint Jean Lalande Library cannot be overstressed, and this apostolate is certainly worthy of financial support by Catholics who love the Liturgy as well as anyone interested in (a.) the renewal of Gregorian chant in the Liturgy or (b.) the singing of the Psalms in English set to excellent music of the highest quality or (c.) new compositions of outstanding value by US American composers like Kevin Allen. 

In other words, please DONATE to them for Corpus Christi Watershed with the internet resources they provide are a treasure of surpassing worth deserving all of our support. Please take a few minutes to listen to one of their recent promotional videos:

+Laus Deo!