17 June 2011

Hymn for the Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord


I am most happy to share with you my hymn for the Feast of the Transfiguration (August 6th) set to a beautiful new tune by Noel Jones.  The tune 'GALVESTON ISLAND' was named for the island I called 'home' for many years and where I wrote the words to this hymn.  This hymn and several more of mine are included in The Catholic Choirbook Anthology I which may be purchased via this Link.  A collection of 62 Motets and Anthems from The Catholic Choirbooks 1-5 plus 57 hymns old and new in one book for use by choirs, this Anthology is a genuine treasury of magnificent music for directors of music, organists, and choirs in the Catholic Church.  Certainly the choral music and hymns would prove valuable for Episcopalian and Anglican choirs as well as some Lutheran and Methodist ones.

The image below is linked to a PDF of the hymn located on the CMAA's MusicaSacra.com website.  As with all of my hymns, I pray that this hymn will be used by many congregations and parishes.  The text was written in Thanksgiving for the Revd Fr James Moore, PhD and his priesthood.  Father Moore is the founding pastor of Our Lady of Walsingham Catholic Church - Anglican Use, Houston, Texas.  Now in his retirement Father Moore remains dearly loved by his former congregation.  I remain deeply grateful to him for being the one who first welcomed me and then received me into Holy Mother Church.
+Laus Deo!