04 August 2012

The best Catholic blog for the soul

I am convinced the best Catholic blog for the care of your soul is the blog of the Very Reverend Dom Mark Daniel Kirby called Vultus Christi.

Dom Mark's blog is worth reading daily, and if there isn't a new daily post, look back to past posts; they are all treasures, and many are genuine food for the soul. 

At this time in the summer, please pray about making a donation to his monastery the Silverstream Priory in Stamullen, Ireland.  Summer is often a difficult time for young religious communities where people on holiday forget to continue to support the monasteries.

Without our Catholic monasteries and convents, I believe our world would tumble into chaos.  They pray up the foundations upon which good order and a sound society may be built.

Photo © John Briody
In the case of this monastery, I am persuaded that it is the seed for the renewal of Catholic Ireland and deserves all of your support.

Please visit the Silverstream Priory homepage, and make a donation today.  Donate here.