29 January 2014

Alternatives to the Imperial Presidency

Since the Democrats have shed all appearances of supporting the U.S. Constitution and now fully endorse the Imperial power-grab of Barack Obama, the question is what are the alternatives to this Imperial Presidency since the Democrats are all for it and the Boehner-McConnell Republicans do nothing but grouse, look grim, and do nothing.

Some are pointing to Rand Paul or Ted Cruz.   Others mentioned are Mike Huckabee (it is his 15 minutes of fame right now), Jeb Bush (please God, no.), and Marco Rubio. We expect the Democrats to run the heiress-presumptive Mrs. Clinton as their candidate who would be more than happy to be the next Imperial President.

So ... is it as it appears that this is Rand Paul's moment as a Libertarian/Limitarian wearing a Republican cape loosely?  

If you have not seen Rand Paul's response to Barack Obama's State of the Union address of 2014 -- which was most the most painful SOTU I have watched to date -- you may wish to watch Paul's address.  He is definitely looking Presidential.  

The official Republican response was very poor. If that is how the Republican Establishment elite intend to campaign, then they should give up now and throw in the towel.

The Tea Party response had the remarkable Sen. Mike Lee, but it lacked a great deal and the production values of the filming and broadcast were pathetic.  Enter Rand Paul: click here.

Also, Sen. Ted Cruz has given us a whale of piece in the Wall Street Journal that is worth reading: The Imperial Presidency of Barack Obama.  But it does seem to be Sen. Rand Paul's moment.