27 January 2014

"Have an exit plan"

Over the weekend newshound Matt Drudge posted a rather dire tweet which follows:

I could not have said it better myself.  I suppose if you have money and means you are being encouraged to have a plan to get out of the USA.  Or perhaps you are being encouraged to abandon the U.S. and world stock markets ... ?  A friend named Charles says both are true as he has relocated himself, his extended family and friends to very fertile farmland in South America. They have also renounced their U.S. citizenship having procured passports from another nation.  Now that I call an Exit Plan.

But for those of us who have few or no means and fewer resources... it still speaks if you speak the language of survivalists and 'preppers'.  Find a cave, an old stand of trees far from the cities..... or simply get as far away from the cities as you can get, etc.

Some call this sort of thing "doom porn".  They prefer to say they need not prepare for disasters as Jesus will take care of everything.  That reminds me of the joke about the man who refused the boat, and the helicopter only to drown because he was waiting for God to provide!

The smartest thing is to at least own some currency that will still be worth something (like Norwegian crowns) after it all falls to pieces, says my friend Peter.  Others would state that owning gold, silver, or copper is the way to go, says my other friend named Peter.  Friend Martha says it is all about having water purifiers, solar generators and food put away.

Whatever your exit plan may be, be sure you have the only exit plan that works in the long run, and that is a saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, God the Son.  With Jesus we can wisely face anything even as we can wisely plan to protect ourselves and our loved ones.  Maranatha!