10 February 2014

Lourdes in the Business Mirror

Ste Bernadette Soubirous
This morning I was delighted to read  a lovely article in The Business Mirror entitled "Lady of Lourdes: Revelation of God's goodness" which would serve as a good introduction or a refresher to the story of the Apparition and the Shrine in France:

'I BELIEVE Lourdes to be a genuine revelation of the goodness of God to a world which every day stands more and more in need of it.” This was the conclusion of John Oxenham, a non-Catholic in his book The Wonder of Lourdes. Lourdes in 1857 was a town of 5,000 inhabitants, mostly agricultural or quarry workers. It was known as a garrison town because in the place once stood a castle fortress.

Please click the link to read the entire article.  God bless us one and all.