02 May 2014

Chaldean Patriarch: Church in Iraq Ruined After US-Led Invasion


The great achievement of the Presidency of George W. Bush is that his policies and his concocted invasion of Iraq succeeded in destroying the ancient Christian churches that had survived Mohammed and the onslaught of Islam.  

Ultimately the United States and the United Kingdom and their allies are responsible for creating this disaster through their illegal invasion of Iraq that has all but erased the ancient Christian communities and their enduring witness to the Lord Jesus Christ.

We remember especially the martyred Chaldean Catholic priest Ragheed Ganni who wrote, "The situation here is worse than hell."

[Zenit.org] The head of the Chaldean Catholic Church in Iraq has said the Church in his country is "ruined" eleven years after the US-led invasion of Iraq. 
“1,400 years of Islam could not uproot us from our land and our churches, while the policies of the West [have] scattered us and distributed us all around the world,” Patriarch Louis Raphaël I Sako said. 
The patriarch, who has governed the Eastern Catholic Church since February 2013 said, “intervention by the West in the region did not solve the problems" but instead "produced more chaos and conflict.”

God will judge, and with certainty we know we are closer to that Day of Judgement than we were yesterday. I am convinced that the wealthy Churches will likewise be judged for doing nothing to save these communities or to evacuate the diminishing numbers of survivors to the safety of Christian nations and secular states.