17 May 2014

From "The Practice of Religion"


The Holy Catholic Church is a Divine Institution founded and commissioned by Our LORD JESUS CHRIST, to set forth the Christian Religion and to minister the Word and the Sacraments. The Church is, therefore, the Preserver of Truth, the Dispenser of Grace, and the Guide in Morals. She is Guided by the HOLY GHOST and speaks by Divine Authority. 

The Church sets forth that which is right, necessary and of obligation as to Doctrine, Discipline and Worship.  Her members are pledged by their Baptismal and Confirmation Vows to conform to all that is commanded by the Church. Her authority and not private judgment is the sole judge as to Teaching and Practice, which the Church has clearly set forth in Creeds, Scriptures, Liturgies, Councils and Canons. 
Fr. A. Campbell Knowles, D.D.

The "Faith once for all delivered to the saints," which the Church teaches, is unchanging as to the Divine Revelation, but is adapted to all persons, all places, and all time.  Christian people are bound both to hold and live the Catholic Religion and to regard the Faith as a precious trust given to them to preserve and hand down unchanged from generation to generation.

The Practice of Religion
The Revd Archibald Campbell Knowles
Morehouse-Gorham Company
New York, 1950