24 May 2014

Muslims Stone, Assault Christians Near Bethelehem

What will you do about it?

St. George slaying the dragon
Christian Arab residents of the village of El-Khader in the Bethlehem area were savagely attacked by local Muslims as they celebrated a Christian holiday last week. A report by CAMERA, an organization which monitors anti-Israel bias in the media, reported that Christians attempting to enter Saint George’s Monastery in the village were intimidated and attacked with rocks and stones. [...]
“Some local Muslims either tried to park a car too close the church and/or tried to enter the church during a service honoring St. George - the initial instigation isn’t clear,” she wrote. “But when the intruders were asked to leave, one of them stabbed a Christian man who was outside the church serving as a guard. He was hospitalized. Several then started throwing stones at the church. 7 or 8 Christians were injured and some physical damage was done - broken windows etc. The police didn’t show up for an hour.”

Please also be sure to contact the White House, your Governor, your Senators, and your Members of Congress and demand that each of them make public denunciations of this outrageous violence by ordinary Muslims against Christians on the sacred feast of St. George the Martyr.

Also, please request the government's intervention with the Israeli government to require protection of all Christians in Israel — including the Arab and Armenian Christians — if Israel desires to continue receiving funding from the USA.  The same demands must be made of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and those running Gaza.

If you live in another nation please likewise contact your Member of Parliament, Prime Minister, and Head of State and request a denunciation of this atrocity from their offices.  Please also request immediate action by your governmental ministers and authorities to protect the Arab and Armenian Christians within Israel and the Palestinian Authority and Gaza.