21 November 2015

Lawler: "Obama is Wrong"


I recommend that Christian people in the USA (especially) read Phil Lawler's article "Obama Is Wrong".  This is information to share with your Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran, and other Christian friends.  

Here follows the opening two paragraphs:

With thousands of refugees from the Middle East clamoring for entry, President Obama has said that it is “shameful” to suggest that Christian refugees should be given preference. That statement is wrong: legally, politically, and morally wrong.

Although Obama condemns “religious tests” that might favor Christian refugees, the policies of his administration currently seem to work strong against Christians seeking asylum. In October, the US admitted 187 refugees from Syria: 183 Muslims and 4 Christians. Syria is (or was, before the bloodshed began) roughly 10% Christians. Last year, the Syrian refugees admitted to the US were 97% Muslim.