03 November 2015

... with incomparable joy ...


Thomas Traherne: Centuries No. 99

This sense that God is so great in goodness, and we so great in glory, as to be His sons, and so rich as to live in communion with Him, and so individually united to Him, that He is in us, and we in Him, will make us do all our duties not only with incomparable joy but courage also. 

It will fill us with zeal and fidelity, and make us to overflow with praises. For if which one cause alone the knowledge of it ought infinitely to be esteemed. 

For to be ignorant of this, is to sit in darkness, and to be a child of darkness: it maketh us to be without God in the world, exceeding weak, timorous, and feeble, comfortless and barren, dead and unfruitful, lukewarm, indifferent, dumb, unfaithful.  To which I may add, that it makes us uncertain. 

For so glorious is the face of God and true religion, that it is impossible to see it, but in transcendent splendour. 

Nor can we know that God is till we see Him infinite in goodness. Nothing therefore will make us certain of His Being but His Glory.

Thomas Traherne
No. 99