09 September 2016

Dominican Sisters: At the Announcement of the New Day


"As we answer the summons of the announcement of a new day we should be joyfully conscious that our work lies in the vineyard of the Master. Millions of human beings the world over also rise at dawn, but not joy-fully. They rise to toil and slave for a mere pittance. Others awaken to rush through another day of greed — greed for wealth that makes slaves of men, and leaves a soul hunger that is never satisfied.  Others must rise to rain horror, destruction , and death on their fellow men in the mad terrorism called war. Countless millions groan under the heel of dictators. To us who toil in the Master's vineyard He has said, "You are My friends" (St. John 15:14). And when was it counted less than joy to serve a friend? He is our divine Friend who looks only at effort not at results. Others may think us visionaries. Outward appearance may seemingly indicate that we have been failures. But in the eyes of Master we are a success because we have labored only to please Him? If others, through our efforts have learned to know, love, and serve the Master, then we humbly rejoice, saying "Nutto us, O Lord, not to us; but to Thy name give glory" (Psalm 113:1).

Our community life is also a source of joy. We have said, "There is happiness in goodness"; now we remark, "There is joy in kindness." To do a kind act or to be the recipient of a kindness brings joy. We have all experienced the joy that comes to those who do a kind deed. Have we not witnessed eyes light up with gladness at an act of kindness? Have we not then felt a deeper joy enkindled in our own hearts? A smile may add joy to many hearts, for a smile is contagious. As we Sisters greet each other at the beginning of a new day, let it be with a smile. It will help lighten the burdens.

[ . . .]


"Dear St. Dominic, intercede that we may partake of that holy joy which filled your soul during your earthly sojourn. Teach us to practice those virtues which will increase joy in our hearts. May we also become 'fast-knit to Christ,' the Source of all joy. May we live so joyfully in God's service that others becoming partakers of our happiness may be led unto Him, the Source of eternal gladness. Amen."

The Day with JESUS and MARY
Notes Gathered From Approved Sources
For the Spiritual Consideration of Sisters
The Dominican Sisters
The Congregation of the Immaculate Conception
Great Bend, Kansas
The Bruce Publishing Company
Imprimatur: + Christian H. Winklmann, Episcopus Wichita
August 4, 1942
Printed in 1949