18 September 2016

I beg you pray for the Church


This is a very simple request of all Christians to pray for the Church in general and for the particular church body or assembly of which you are a part.

Detail of Giotto's Christ Driving Out
the Money Changers from the Temple of God
In particular I beseech all Christians in communion with the Bishop of Rome to pray fervently for the Catholic Church, for her integrity, her fidelity, and her constant witness to the Truth of the Gospel (Evangelion) of Jesus Christ our Lord and God. Whether we realise it or not, these are very dangerous and difficult days for the Churches and people in communion with the Bishop of Rome who by ancient title is called the Vicar of St. Peter.  Today the expression Vicar of Christ is more well known, but the Bishop of Rome is first and foremost the Vicar of the martyred St. Peter the Apostle.  Pray for the Pope.

Pray for the Persecuted Church today and each day this week in as special way as you can.  Ask yourself what that would mean for you in your tradition and ask the Lord for the grace to pray in that special way in solidarity and communion with all persecuted Christians whose lives are in peril.

God bless you.