04 January 2013

A Friend to have in Heaven: Saint Anthony Mary Claret


If you are like most Catholics in all likelihood you have not heard of Saint Anthony Mary Claret (San Antonio Maria Claret)  I think it is the work of the devil that keeps this great saint so unknown, and we have such need of his intercession in our age.

This new year why don't you get to know of him and make of him a friend in Heaven.  You can read something of his life here (Catholocism.org) or here (EWTN.com).

My personal observation is that Catholics in the Americas especially need his intercession and heavenly intervention in a host of areas.  If you are part of a Catholic prayer group, Bible study, or other gathering that would be open to such an idea, please consider taking St. Anthony Mary Claret as your group's "patron saint for 2013" in addition to your group's usual patron or patroness.

As kids say around here, "We need him bad."  Yes, things are bad. Governments are bad.  More and more human hearts seem to have gone bad.  And in such a time and place we have great need of such a great friend of Jesus and Mary.

Saint Anthony Mary Claret, pray for us.

+Ave regina caelorum!