20 January 2013

Hymn for Today: At a Wedding Feast in Cana

The Marriage at Cana of Galilee 

At a wedding feast in Cana
 Jesus, Mary, and their friends
joined to celebrate a marriage-
 covenant which on Love depends.
And the party it went on
till the bowls of wine were gone.
Mary nudged her Son Christ Jesus,
urged him to step up and please us.

 "Dearest woman, let's have no show.
You know well it's not my time."
Mary smiled and told the servants,
"Follow all his words sublime.
Do whatever he may say.
It's the way he'll save the day."
And the servants did her bidding
and to Jesus all were listening.

 Jesus guided all their actions
and turned water into wine.
How amazing this great wonder
his first miracle and sign!
It was not to raise the dead
or to heal as it is said,
but to keep a party going --
 this his first and wondrous showing.

 Let us hearken then to Mary
and do all that Christ shall say.
Heal the sick and feed the hungry,
love the living of each day.
Walk on water when we must,
make disciples of the lost.
Raise the dead and banish demons.
Preach and teach through all the seasons.

 Praise and worship to the Father,
Laud and glory to the Son,
For the Holy Spirit muster
songs of joy on every tongue.
With Our Lady walk the way
leading to Christ's glorious day
when the faithful rise to meet him
and rejoicing we will greet him!

Words: Copyright © 1998 by Vincent W. Uher III
Music: Genevan Psalter Psalm 42 (Comfort, Comfort, ye my people)

+Ave Jesu Christe!