25 January 2013

Sacred Sexuality


There is a good article on the blog of the Russian Orthodox Monastary of Our All-Merciful Saviour that I commend to your reading.  At first glance what it says may seem like common sense for the Christian, but one would be surprised at the number of Christians who never invite God into their sexual identity or their sexual lives.  Here is a snippet from The Morning Offering:

Without the help of a spiritual father or mother, abstinence can seem impossible, especially given the powerful drive of our sexual nature, and the pressures of our society to express our sexuality freely. For the young man or woman who is bombarded with the tales of the sexual exploits of one's friends, the struggle for purity can seem impossible. One more reason why we need so surround ourselves with friends who are committed Christians, and who know the importance of living lives that are centered on Christ. 
+Salve Regina Angelorum!