03 November 2017

A Hymn of St. Alcuin, trans. Fr. Adrian Fortescue


Luminis fons, lux et origo lucis

Fountain of light, thyself the light unending,
Lord, hear our prayer and, cleansing us from evil,
Take away darkness; let thy holy radiance
Shine on thy servants.

Now that the evening brings the end of labour,
Lord, who hast kept us safe in thy protection,
Grateful we offer thee our thanks and worship
Now and at all times.

Since then the daylight fades into the darkness,
Let that sun light us which enlightens always
Choirst of angels in they holy presence,
Light never failing.

From all the sins which we this day committed
Cleanse thou our conscience, Christ our Lord and Saviour,
So in the night time we may rest uninjured,
Safe in thy friendship.

Six days we labour, working as thou willest;
Then on the seventh resting by thine order,
We look to that day which at last shall bring us
Rest everlasting.

S. Alcuin of York (d. 804) 
translation by Fr. Adrian Fortescue

from Latin Hymns 
as sung at St. Hugh, Letchworth 
Fr. Adrian Fortescue