16 November 2017

S. Albertus Magnus (a day late)


“The Blessed Virgin Mary 
wrapped the Word of the Father 
in humble bands to teach us
that the Divine Word 
should be clothed by preachers 
in simple language 
rather than in rhetorical finery.”


“Hail, Saviour of the world, 
the Father’s Word — 
true victim, living flesh, 
wholly God, truly man. 
Ingrafted in you, 
may we be worthily offered 
in your Majesty’s divine temple. 
Brought near to the Body 
at the Father’s right hand, 
may we one day 
share your eternity, 
have fellowship in your bliss, 
and be incarnate 
in your Incarnation, 
for yours is all honour and glory 
for ever and ever. Amen.”

Saint Albert the Great