30 November 2017

The Former Catholic Apostolic Church in Edinburgh: An Evening Intercession


The former Catholic Apostolic Church in Edinburgh, Scotland
The former High Altar of this church (not pictured) is now
the High Altar of St. Mary Catholic Cathedral, Edinburgh

ALMIGHTY and Everliving God, who hast given unto Thy Son Jesus Christ power over all flesh, that He should give Eternal Life to as many as Thou hast given Him ;  and hast raised Him to Thy right hand to be High Priest over the House of God, and the Angel and Mediator of the New Covenant, ever present with Thy people ; In His Name we come before Thy holy Altar, and make intercession unto Thee.

Hear, O Most Holy Lord God, the supplications and prayers of Thy people which have been made to Thee this day in Thy holy Church. Let our prayers come up before Thee as incense, and the lifting up of our hands be as the evening sacrifice.

Holy Father, keep, through Thine own Name, those whom Thou hast chosen in Christ Jesus ; preserve them from the evil that is in the world ; sanctify them through Thy truth ;  let Thy love be manifested in them ;  fill them with Thy Holy Spirit, that they may be one in Thee, O Father, and in Jesus Christ Thy Son ;  perfect them in the hope of His Coming; Give unto them a full entrance into His eternal kingdom, and make them partakers of His glory.

Come, O Lord Jesu, be Thou exalted among all nations. Let all kings fall down before Thee, let all nations serve Thee. In every place let incense and a pure offering be offered unto Thy Name, and let the whole earth be filled with Thy glory.

These things we ask, O Heavenly Father, in patient confidence and joyful hope, being assured that we ask them according to Thy will ; that the voice of Thy Church is heard by Thee, that the intercessions of the Holy Ghost are known unto Thee, and that the mediation of Thy well-beloved Son, our Lord and Saviour, doth prevail with Thee.

Wherefore we glorify Thy Name, we fall down before Thy throne, we worship and adore Thy glorious Majesty ;  evermore praising Thee and saying, 

 "Salvation be unto our God which sitteth upon the Throne, and unto the Lamb, for ever.”

"Blessing, and glory, and wisdom, and thanksgiving, and honour, and power, and might, be unto our God for ever and ever." 

Evening Prayer
The Litugy and Other Divine Offices
of the Catholic Apostolic Church 
Geo. Barclay, Castle Street, Leicester Square
London, 1847