29 November 2017

Two Prayers of Eric Milner White


O my God,
bring me, even now, to the mansions
which thy Son prepareth for them that love thee.
Every day make me to dwell in the eternal,
and live unto thee.
Let me walk in that heavenly city
of which the Lamb is the light:
let me serve as in the courts
where the Lamb reigneth:
let me follow the Lamb
whithersoever he goeth:
and fear not, cease not, to battle for right
after the King of kings and Lord of lords.
Let my conversation be in heaven
with thy blesséd and beloved,
the whole company of the redeemed;
and with hierarchies of angels
praising, worshipping, and adoring him
that sitteth upon the throne for ever and ever.

Bring us, O Lord God, 
at our last awakening 
into the house and gate of heaven,
to enter into that gate and dwell in that house,
where there shall be no darkness nor dazzling
but one equal light,
no noise nor silence,
but one equal music,
no fears nor hopes
but one equal possession,
no ends nor beginnings,
but one equal eternity,
in the habitations of thy majesty and thy glory,
world without end.

Eric Milner-White
of Memory Eternal