24 November 2017



Radio Walsingham is broadcasting online 24/7, but, if you live outside of the USA, you may not be able to listen.

If you acquire a VPN —normally used for internet privacy— you can set it to appear as though you are in the USA.  And - PRESTO - you can hear the station.

For some of you, clicking on our direct streaming link may work for you:

Ordinarily a listener in the USA and few other countries can click on the link to our page on Live365.com and from there listen to the station:

I pray that wherever you may be in the world that God spreads upon your nation and every nation the abundance of God's peace and the divine gifts of wisdom and understanding.

Created by the hand of Sr. Marie Pierre Semler, MM

Holy JESUS, Light of the world, 
shine forth in Beauty
and send your Mercy to rain upon us.

Holy Mary, Mother of the Light, 
let thy maternal radiance bless our lives.

Holy Joseph, Guardian of the Eternal Light, 
let your love shine into every heart.

Holy Family, Hope of the world,
pray for us to the Lord God of Hosts.