29 May 2017

A Prayer for Memorial Day in the USA

From Fulton Sheen's "Wartime Prayer Book"

Our Father, who art in Heaven: give us, we pray You,
the courage and the strength to stamp out the threat
of paganism and slavery that hangs over the world today.

Be merciful to all those who have died in the service of our country.

Console those who have lost their loved ones in the struggle.

Help our fighting men to be always clean of heart and therefore unafraid.

Soothe the wounded in battle.

Sustain the courage of those who suffer persecution for conscience' sake.

Have pity on all those who have been
insulted, robbed, tortured, defiled,
enslaved by their conquerors.

Grant wisdom to our leaders, civil and military,
that they may most effectively direct our efforts, at home and abroad.

Teach us all to walk humbly with You, so that we may be worthy to conquer, and having conquered may build a peace with justice, based on the Brotherhood of Man, under the Fatherhood of God.