24 May 2017

Christaraksha: Prayer of the Cross of Christ


I know that this prayer is known by many of the baptised and the religious of the Anglican Communion and the Roman Catholic Church.  Perhaps, dear reader, it is unfamiliar to you, or perhaps you have read it before in a previous post of mine - one may even wonder why I post it again.

The answer is simple: we need this prayer.  We need to pray it. I need to pray it or something like it every single day together with Paternoster, Ave Maria, and Gloria Patri

Pray it over your children and loved ones before they leave for the day. Pray it for yourself by day or by night. Pray it as part of your family prayers or rosary and simply change the "you" to me or us as is appropriate for your situation.

Although this is my personal opinion, I pray you will make daily use of this prayer or something like it.  I entreat you to take this as seriously as if "when the bridge is out, I told you the bridge is out, so you would not come to frustration or harm."  

So then, let us pray,

May the Cross of the Son of God,
which is mightier 
than all the hosts of satan
and more glorious 
than all the hosts of heaven,
abide with you 
in your going out 
and your coming in.

By day and night, 
at morning and at evening,
at all times and in all places 
may it protect and defend you.

From the wrath of evildoers,
from the assaults of evil spirits
from foes visible and invisible
from the snares of the devil,
from all passions 
that beguile the soul and body:

May the Cross of Christ 
guard, protect and deliver you. 

from India