16 May 2017

Uher Hymn: Author of Creation's Story

In Memory of Penny Norman, tssf

Written by the hand of Fr Luke Dingman

Author of Creation's story,
God and Father of the Light,
Loving us you sent your Servant
Christ to save us from death's night.
God the Son
He has won
Life eternal for each one.

Perfect trust and benediction
Are the gifts our Christ bestows.
Each new member of his Body
Feeds on him and by faith grows;
Love outpoured,
Christ adored,
Jesus present, Friend and Lord.

Fire of hope, great Holy Spirit;
Searching round with kindling spark;
Find within my soul a dwelling;
Light your flame and seal God's mark,
Cross and call,
Christ our all,
Signed by these we shall not fall.

Words (c) Copyright 2000-2017 by Vincent Wm Uher III
Suggested tune: Michael (Herbert Howells)