07 May 2017

Gratitude for Help Received


I am supremely grateful to a couple from California who have made a donation making it possible for me to continue with internet access for a few months more. I ask the Blessed Trinity to bless them for their great kindness and generous hearts in helping at a time when my resources are spent.

I live the life of a hermit, and in the past benefactors have always assisted me when there were no pennies left to count. This year has been extremely difficult for me with the cost of medical insurance, the high personal deductible amounts, and the breaking down of many things that needed replacing. The death of my computer on top of the other financial obligations meant that I would have to give up this blog. Fortunately, I received the donation mentioned above. Writing a blog via telephone is not the easiest thing to do, but it can be done provided I can pay the bill for access to the internet.  So again many thanks to my benefactors. May God always bless you in all things.

If, dear Reader, you feel moved to help me during this time, you can do so through the link below. Such a donation is not tax deductible in the USA as I am an individual and not part of a 501(c)3 religious order. One would have to make such a donation simply out of one's Christian charity.

When I was a child I learnt the part of Amahl in Menotti's Amahl and the Night Visitors. I recall singing cheerfully of going begging from door to door as Amahl tries to comfort his mother. At the time his plight and that of his mother moved me deeply. I prayed a great deal to God asking the Lord to provide for those who were in need, and I began a lifelong practice of always helping beggars in some way. I never imagined I would find myself in such a situation that I would become a beggar, but it pleases the Lord that I should find myself in need of financial help from my brothers and sisters in the faith and any others who are moved to so assist.

My late spiritual director often instructed me that there are 2 very difficult things that God will grant the soul that truly seeks Him: 1) you will learn to be grateful to God even as you must die to your own reputation, and 2) you will learn to praise God for everything that shows you your own insufficiency and your great need of the Body of Christ. Seeking the face of the Lord Jesus is what my life is about. It is a lifelong learning to be grateful to God for such things.

Several readers have written that they would like to help but on principle do not use PayPal. If that is the case, you could send a donation to 'Vincent Uher c/o PO BOX 8345, The Woodlands, TX 77387) and it will get to me. Alternately, for those who use PayPal, the following link is provided:

Many thanks for considering this, and if you are able to help, more than thanks you will have my prayers of thanksgiving for your generosity.

In all things may Jesus Christ be praised.