12 May 2017

May 2017: Our Lady of the Southern Cross [repost]

Help of Christians

I am reposting the following blog entry from 2012 today the 12th of May because May is the Blessed Mother's month.

Paul Newton's "Our Lady of the Southern Cross"

Although this great painting of Paul Newton's has been well known in Australia since 2008, I only saw it for the first time this week when a very kind reader from Australia named Clare brought it to my attention.  And how she has blessed me by that kindness!  May the Lord bless her and her family abundantly.

When first I sat gazing at the image of Our Lady and the Infant Lord on the computer, my little room was filled with the fragrance of roses.  And as I prayed I felt that familiar presence of our Mother Mary radiating from the image and touching my heart and soul most profoundly.  This is a holy painting.

When I look at this holy image by the hand of Paul Newton, I perceive a quality of the Blessed Mother that I do not perceive in most Western paintings.  I look at this image and my heart leaps with joy crying out "Mother you are here!"

And when I look upon the way Paul Newton has painted the Infant Lord, I am moved to my knees.  When one discerns the purity and holiness of the Lord, the only place one can go is upon one's knees.

Domus Australia • The Pope in Prayer
I wonder how many in the rest of the world are not aware of this great painting of faith in either of its forms - Our Lady of the Southern Cross, Help of Christians.  I hope by sharing it here and directing you to Mr. Newton's website you will come to appreciate the image in itself as well as this great painter's truly blessed work in creating the artwork for the Domus Australia Chapel, paintings that reveal the truth of our living faith as planted in Australia.

Our Lady of the Southern Cross - Help of Christians #2, Paul Newton, Cardinal Pell

+Our Lady of the Southern Cross, Help of Christians, pray for us to the Lord.