30 June 2012

Can Light Be Cast Upon the Vatican Bank...


Excerpt below is taken from "Inside the Vatican bank: silence, secrets and Latin cash machines":

On the ceiling of the conference room in the Vatican bank, there is a big, round allegorical painting:  There is the Virgin Mary somewhat improbably wearing a papal tiara and holding a model of a church. There is another holy lady offering the mother of Jesus a gold plate laden with crowns, a gold chain and an honorific decoration. In the background, Neptune is emerging from the sea on a chariot, while in the foreground there is snake winding its way through a patch of mushrooms.  Baffled? Well, what did you expect? This is the heart of what, until Thursday, was the most secret building in the "city of secrets" – the premises of an institution that has attracted more speculation, suspicion and sinister insinuation than almost any on earth.
+Eleison imas.