26 June 2012

Prayers of Father Andrew

Dear Reader, you may also be interested in another post of mine on Father Andrew regarding two poems of his I hope shall be used as hymns.

ALMIGHTY Father, we thank Thee that we Thy mortal children are allowed to feed upon the Bread of Life; that we sinners are able to hold communion with the King of Saints; and that we, who know not what any day may bring forth, are allowed to fortify our souls with His Presence, Who turned the dark night of His death into the brightness of the light of His redeeming love, Thy Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee in the unity of the Holy Ghost, one God, world without end.

LORD, I pray that I may be one of those who receive Thee in very truth, that I may be a syllable of Thy utterance, spoken by Thee, as Thou art the Word of the Father, the music and meaning of the universe.

May all my life's expression be born not of earthly desire, nor of my own will,  nor of any other creature; but, truly receiving Thee,  may I know the power to be indeed, with Thee, the Father's child.

Thanks be to Thee, my God, thanks be to Thee, and may I learn to thank Thee for all things, and most for the things that cost me most, if by them I can witness with a love that is true to the truth of Thy love for me and all the world.

Thanks be to Thee, my Lord, for this unspeakable gift.

LORD, take charge !
Thou hast come into me:
Let me not roam at large:
Assert Thy sovereignty.
Lord, take charge !

Take Thou my lips, 
Order my speech;
Save me from slips;
Don't let me preach.
Lord, take charge !

Take Thou my hands,
Use them as Thine.
Unloose men's bands
With service of mine,
Lord, take charge !

Take Thou my heart:
Let Thy pure love
Possess every part;
So mountains might move.
Lord, take charge !

Lord, take me,
Just as I am.
I have taken Thee,
God's most dear Lamb.
Take me wholly !
Lord, take charge !


NOW I can be brave in my pain; now I can return love for hatred; now I can go through darkness in faith; because I have Him with me Who did all these things.

Prayers from Father Andrew
A.R. Mowbray & Co. Limited, 1950

+Ora pro nobis.