14 June 2012

New Discoveries of Ancient Texts

We live in a time of continuing recovery of texts thought long lost to the Church.  From the reappraisal of the Septuaginta because of Dead Sea texts & related research to the discovery year after year of bits of text found in this or that library now to the discovery of a significant volume from Origen, that Church-father-but-not-Church-father... what wonders may we yet see returned to us!  

May many more such lost texts fall into the hands of our scholars who can recognise the lost treasure for what it is.  And so please God, may a translation be made into the modern languages for those without facility in Greek.  Many will wait on tiptoe for the chance to read Origen's commentary on the Psalms.

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Origen Rediscovered
L'Osservatore Romano Reports Unpublished Homilies Found
ROME, JUNE 13, 2012 (Zenit.org).- An Italian philologist has found unpublished sermons of  Origen in the library of Monaco of Bavaria. The discovery was announced Tuesday by the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek.

On April 5, Marina Molin Pradel, who was studying a Byzantine manuscript of the 11th century, the Monacense Greco 314, realized that some homilies on the Psalms contained in it were similar to those of Origen, who lived from 185 to 232.

Following further study of them she came to the conclusion that all the 29 homilies contained in the manuscript, to date unpublished, were of Origen. ...
Laus tibi, Christe.