22 June 2012

A Needed Notice

I only post on this blog.  I only take responsibility for what I post on this blog.  Should someone quote me and change my words or emphasis, that is their responsibility, not mine.  I welcome people to consider what I post and to reprint it if they like, but I cannot be held responsible for who reprints it or for any changes made to my text by someone else. 

Also, no one represents me.  I represent myself and my own opinions.  No one is commissioned to speak for me or to convey a message from me.  Don't be scammed by someone claiming to represent me or my opinion.   

Beware anyone who claims to be my intimate friend. 

That's all for now.  

God give us all the blessings and fruit of the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ as we join to worship Him this weekend.

+Judex meus...