26 June 2012

Christmas Hymn in June

Although it is summertime and the heat in Texas is unbearable, I have been filled with thoughts of the Nativity of Our Lord and how his Sacrifice began with His entrance into the virgin womb of His most holy Mother.  

In preparing another post on prayers written by Father Andrew, S.D.C.  I came across a Communion Hymn he wrote for Christmas communions.  I do not recall a tune for it, and it may have simply been a rhyming prayer at first meant for one to learn by heart and once learnt by heart to become a prayer of one's heart.

I believe this is written in the voice of that little child we should hope to be if we desire to enter into eternity in the Kingdom of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.  Here is the lyric that moves me more and more with each passing year: 

Christmas Communion

Thou Babe most dear,
Thou Babe divine,
Beneath these veils of Bread and Wine
I know Thee here.

Behold, I come
To worship Thee,
To take Thee in this Mystery
To have Thee home !

Thou, very God,
For love of me
From Bethlehem to Calvary
Love's paths hast trod.

Thou, very Man,
In humbleness
Didst learn obedience through distress –
And that I can.

Lord JESU Christ,
As Thou to me,
So would I humbly come to Thee
In Eucharist.

Father Andrew, S.D.C

+Ora pro nobis.