15 June 2012

Jeremy Taylor: Anglican Patrimony

Holy Living, 1650, p. 379

all Thrones and Dominions, all Principalities and Powers, the Cherubins with many eyes, and the Seraphins covered with wings from the terror and amazement of thy brightest glory : These and all the powers of Heaven do perpetually sing praises and never-ceasing Hymns, and eternal Anthems to the glory of the eternal God, the Almighty Father of Men and Angels.

Holy is our God: Holy is the Almighty:  Holy is the Immortal:  Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Sabaoth, Heaven and Earth are full of the Majesty of thy glory. Amen.  With these holy and blessed Spirits I also thy servant, O thou great lover of souls, though I be unworthy to offer praise to such a Majesty, yet out of my bounden duty humbly offer up my heart and voice to joyn in this blessed quire, and confesse the glories of the Lord.  For thou art holy, and of thy greatnesse there is no end; and in thy justice and goodnesse thou hast measured out to us all thy works.

Thou madest man out of the earth and didst form him after thine own image: thou didst place him in a garden of pleasure, and gavest him laws of righteousnesse to be to him a seed of immortality.

O that men would therefore praise the Lord for his goodnesse : and declare the wonders that he hath done of the children of men.