02 March 2017

Abominations and Other Things in the News


On this Thursday after Ash Wednesday, it is time to consider abominations in the news, but I do so without commentary:

Jon Rappaport:

(1) ALERT!: New Vaccines Will Alter Your DNA

(2) Genetically Modified People: What Could Go Wrong?

Articles About Bill Gates:

(3) 4 Times Bill Gates Said That Vaccines Would Reduce World Population

(4)  How India became Bill Gates' guinea pig: A conspiracy as recounted by the main actors (a speculative article worth considering)

Also, I suggest perusal of The Solari Report by Catherine Austin Fitts. She covers financial matters and financial madness as well as a host of related issues with sometimes very surprising insights one would read or hear nowhere else:

(5) The Deep State & Trump Budget Politics with Richard Dolan

(6) Joseph Farrell, PhD Oxon, has some pointed commentary about the sale of the Danish vaccine company to a Saudi group with clear ties to jihadist terrorists:

And the article that spawned Dr. Farrell's commentary: link

 O Lord, save the world.