22 March 2017

USA: Collusion between EPA and Monsanto


The evidence comes daily of the gross failures of the federal government of the USA to do what they are supposed to do.  One wonders if it would be better to have no federal government at all if the idea of "federal government" in the USA has only one definition i.e., crony capitalism in which the fictional "corporate person" of the corporations has more rights, privilege, and protection than the real persons who are citizens of the federal state.

From ZeroHedge comes a story that would surprise few who have been following these matters, but I imagine it will be a shocking revelation to some in the USA;

The word to the wise is to get rid of anything that contains Monsanto's RoundUp, eat nothing of their GMO seeds and plants, and tell your local stores and markets that you want them to stop carrying Monsanto products.  

I am aware that many call Monsanto by other names such as "Monsatan" and "Mon(ster)santo". Increasingly it would appear that "Monsatan" is not far off the mark.