08 March 2017

Sister Miriam Pollard, OCSO: "Apocalypse"


The poem "Apocalypse" was written by an outstanding poet who also happens to be a woman relgious, Sister Miriam Pollard, OCSO.  There is a volume of her poems I especially admire that is published by Ignatius Press entitled Neither Be Afraid and other poems, and the following poem comes from that volume:


       I will send the Comforter,
       the Strange One
       in from the sea.
       Like rain, I will pour down the Spirit,
       like red rain
       into blazing rivers.

       The Unseeable One will be seen
       scorching the land
       with showers of burning blood.
       And the setting sun will melt into the sea
       that lies like a red mirror
       under a sunset sky.

       The Bodiless One
       will dance in fiery shoes
       on iron mountains.
       You will see birds riding the updrafts
       like flaming scraps of paper.

       Then the ashes of a burnt sky will fall
       in snowy bedspreads over the sleeping land.

       Sleep, my love, my heart,
       under the falling ash.
       The south wind is whispering a promise
       that not many days away,
       a new sun will shimmer
       on the bronze leaves of an everlasting spring.

Sister Miriam Pollard, OCSO
Ignatius Press
San Francisco, USA