17 March 2017

Anglican Patrimony: from St Augustine's Prayer Book 1967

Prayers to be said after receiving the Holy Sacrament

An Oblation of Self

ACCEPT, O Lord, my entire liberty, my memory, my understanding, and my will. All that I am and have thou hast given to me; and I give all back to thee to be disposed of according to thy good pleasure. Give me only the comfort of thy presence and the joy of thy love; with these I shall be more than rich and shall desire nothing more.

To the Blessed Virgin Mary

O MARY, Virgin and Mother most holy, who wast worthy to bear in thy womb the Creator of all things, and to feed at thy breast him whose true, real and most holy Body and Blood I have now received: Vouchsafe, I beseech thee, to intercede for me, that I may may henceforth render him more faithful service and persevere to the end in loving companionship with him, so that, at last, I may, with thee, praise and adore him throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.

To Saint Joseph

O BLESSED Joseph, unto whose faithful guardianship was committed Christ Jesus, whom I have now received in this mighty Sacrament: pray for me that I may guard, cherish, and love him who now abides in all intimacy in my heart. Amen.

To the Saint in Whose Honour 
Mass Has Been Celebrated

SAINT N., to whose honour I have this day offered the bloodless sacrifice of the Body and Blood of Christ: grant that by thy powerful intercession before God, I may through use of this mystery obtain the merits of the passion and death of the same Christ our Savior, and that continually coming thereunto, I may ever set forward the work of my salvation. Amen.

HEART of Jesus, think on me.
Eyes of Jesus, look on me.
Face of Jesus, comfort me.
Hands of Jesus, bless me.
Feet of Jesus, guide me.
Arms of Jesus, hold me.
Body of Jesus, feed me.
Blood of Jesus, wash me.
Jesus, make me thus thine own,
Here and in the world to come. Amen.

Revised Edition, 1967
The Rev Loren Gavitt, Editor
Holy Cross Publications
West Park, New York

Note: (a) The Order of the Holy Cross is a Benedictine community of men religious in the Episcopal Church (USA) and the Anglican Communion. (b) Although originally conceived for members of the Episcopal Church in the USA, many people within that church and outside of it cherish and use the 1967 edition of the Saint Augustine's Prayer Book.  (c) More recently the book has been extensively revised for members of the Episcopal Church, USA.  (d) It was the custom in some places to make a profound bow (a Sarum bow) at the final instance of the Holy Name of Jesus in the final prayer printed above. (e) The Prayers printed above are from the 1967 edition of the Saint Augustine's Prayer Book.