02 March 2017

Fr Apostolos Hill, Doxastikon for Judgement Sunday/Meatfare Sunday

Holy God,
Holy and Mighty,
Holy Immortal One,
Have mercy upon us.
(Book of Common Prayer 1979)

These settings below are from the sacred tradition and sacred patrimony of the Eastern Orthodox Churches.  There is a recording by Fr. Apostolos Hill entitled "Gates of Repentance" which has an excellent version of the Doxasticon for Judgement Sunday chanted in English by Fr. Apostolos.  The recordings by Fr. Apostolos Hill are a revelation regarding Orthodox chant in English. I think, dear Reader, you will want to look into those Orthodox recordings (See Liturgica.com). You also may be interested to hear a sermon of his from the Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Phoenix, Arizona, USA: link.

In the examples below, you will find that there is no anaemic chanting here. This is full throated, full bodied crying out to and rejoicing in God. Below are two settings that will illustrate well the power and vitality of sacred chant in the Orthodox Church. The first is from the Slavic sacred chant, and the second is from the sacred chant in Greek:

Неделя Месопустна, "Слава" на Хвалитех, глас 1
Meatfare Sunday, Doxastikon
Sunday of the Last Judgment (Meatfare Sunday)
Doxastikon, mode 1
Byzantine Chant Ensemble "Trisagion"

Orthros: Lauds and Doxastikon
For Meatfare/Judgement Sunday
Athanasios Gkoulias, cantor
Saint George Greek Orthodox Church
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Kyrie eleison imas.