10 March 2017

"I YIELD THEE THANKS" [Anglican Patrimony]


From Treasury of Devotion, Revd T. Carter, ed., 1908

I YIELD Thee thanks, O Lord, Holy FATHER, Almighty, Everlasting GOD, Who, not for any merit of mine, but of the condescension of Thy mercy only, hast vouchsafed to feed me a sinner, Thy unworthy servant, with the precious Body and Blood of Thy SON, our LORD JESUS CHRIST.  

And I humbly entreat Thy boundless clemency, Almighty and Merciful Lord, that this Holy Communion may not bring guilt upon me to condemnation, but may be unto me for pardon and salvation.  

Let it be unto me an armour of faith, and a shield of good resolution. Let it be unto me a riddance of all vices, an extermination of all evil desires and lusts, and an increase of love and patience, of humility and obedience, and all virtues, especially . . . : a firm defence against the wiles of all enemies, visible or invisible, a perfect quieting of all sinful impulses, fleshly or spiritual, especially . . . : a firm adherence to Thee, the One True GOD, and a blessed consummation of my end.  

And I pray Thee, that Thou wouldest vouchsafe to bring me a sinner to that ineffable Feast, where Thou with thy SON and the HOLY GHOST art to Thy Saints true Light, full and everlasting Joy, and perfect Happiness ; through the Same our LORD JESUS CHRIST. Amen.