25 March 2017

Uher Hymn: To the Holy Family of Walsingham

A Hymn inspired by St. Odo

Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham, Houston, Texas

Mother of mercy, peace, and love,
Thy Child is God come from above.
As Christ thou lovest we would too
In all we ponder, say or do.

Joseph the Guardian, brave and wise,
Nothing was hidden from thine eyes.
By dreams the Lord God guided thee
May we follow with constancy.

Father of Jesus, God Most High,
Thy love so great brought Our Lord nigh,
Thy Child, thy gift to free a slave,
Gave thee his Life, the world to save.

A child for us, Friend crucified,
Arisen, present by our side,
Victim and Priest, Oh Mystery!
Lord Jesus Christ, we worship thee.

Glory to God, Father of lights
And to the Son, Lord Jesus Christ,
And Holy Ghost the Comforter:
One God in glory for ever.

Text: Copyright © 2005 by Vincent Uher.
All rights reserved.
Suggested Tunes: Cornish by M. Lee Suitor;

A new hymn tune CEREDIGION by Noel Jones is splendid for this text.

This text has also been sung to these tunes:
HursleyDe Tar by Calvin Hampton;
and Keble by J.B. Dykes

+Ave Maria!