25 March 2017

Of the Annunciation and Microchimerism


Ave Maria!
Ave Jesu Christe
I encourage you to read an older blog post written by Fr. Christopher Phillips regarding Micro-chimerism: 

I am struck by the implications of what it means that cells from the body of the Lord Jesus Christ would have migrated up into the brain of the Blessed Virgin Mary and elsewhere in her body.

Likewise, the Blessed Mother's cells would have migrated into His body as she carried Him to birth.  Those cells would have been in His body on the Cross and rising from the Tomb.

I do not think many are prepared to discuss the theological implications of microchimerism and the meaning of the Son living his life in the Mother and the Mother living in the Son. But during this month when the Feast of the Annunciation traditionally falls upon the 25th of March, it is a worthy thing to ponder.

Let our pondering ensue.