21 March 2017

Did Obama force Pope Benedict to Resign?


From Breitbart.com comes an article which is one that qualifies as a "must read":

My thoughts:
Pope Benedict's resignation ignited enormous amounts of discussion including unverified "reasons" for his resignation.  Although one may think they know the "True Story" I think it worthwhile to avoid declaring which 'story' one thinks most credible. This notwithstanding it is necessary to consider what the Breitbart article reports.

The Breitbart article includes the idea that the Presidential Administration of Barack Hussein Obama forced the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI by putting the Pontiff under extraordinary pressures unspecified.  I recall hearing this from many people who would offer no explanation beyond the idea. 

There is a letter from US American Catholics to President Trump requesting he open an investigation into the involvement of Barack Hussein Obama's government in forcing the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. Now an Italian Archbishop has made statements that point in the same direction. For those who know how the Obama government operated, it would be a surprise to no one if this were true.

These sorts of events usually do not include only one reason, one person, or one group.  It is well-known that there is within the Catholic Church a group of clerics who seem to be dedicated to destroying the Catholic Church from within. There were notorious efforts of some in the German episcopate "to get Ratzinger".  So there are likely many causes.

Sheer speculation: 
One can imagine that faced with a threat from the US American government to dump all of their secret files on misdoing and crimes committed by Catholic bishops and clergy and especially the Vatican Bank that Pope Benedict thought it best to step aside for the good of the Church.  The Obama government hated the conservatism represented by Pope Benedict's steadfast rejection of abortion and contraception. Pope Benedict represented a clear and vocal opposition to everything that the then cabal of globalists, bankers, George Soros, and the Obama government were trying to achieve. In the end I do not expect to be surprised by any revelation though I would be very, very surprised if President Trump or members of the US Congress authorised investigations into these allegations.

The gaping mouth of Hell shall NOT prevail against the Church.

Pax vobiscum.