20 March 2014

Anglican Patrimony: A Forgotten Prayer

I imagine that the prayer posted below could be used by some enterprising and inventive members of the clergy of the various Anglican and Episcopalian churches.  Who knows maybe some day the Ordinariates may find it useful.  

It is certainly a beautiful prayer once used within part of the Anglican Communion and now a prayer within the Anglican Patrimony that, if not completely forgotten, is unknown to most.  It is based upon a prayer from the Divine Liturgy of St. James.  This prayer could be used at the presentation of the Gifts, the offering of the unconsecrated bread and wine before the Sursum Corda:

O Lord our God, who didst send forth thy heavenly Bread, the food of the whole world, even Jesus Christ thine only Son, to save us and to redeem us, to bless us and to sanctify us: Vouchsafe now to bless + this our oblation, and to accept it on thine altar in Heaven. Do thou remember, O Lover of Man, both them that offer it and them for whom it is offered; and do thou preserve us thy servants uncondemned in the ministration of the divine mysteries: for hallowed and blessed is thy glorious name, O Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, now and ever, and world without end. Amen. 

The Indian Liturgy
The Church of India, Burma, and Ceylon