09 March 2014

What If This Present Were The World's Last Night?


Holy Sonnet XIII
What If This Present Were The World's Last Night?

What if this present were the world's last night?
Mark in my heart, O soul, where thou dost dwell,
The picture of Christ crucified, and tell
Whether that countenance can thee affright,
Tears in his eyes quench the amazing light,
Blood fills his frowns, which from his pierced head fell.
And can that tongue adjudge thee unto hell,
Which prayed forgiveness for his foes' fierce spite?
No, no; but as in my idolatry
I said to all my profane mistresses,
Beauty, of pity, foulness only is
A sign of rigour: so I say to thee,
To wicked spirits are horrid shapes assigned,
This beauteous form assures a piteous mind. 

+ John Donne +

“Now, what death is to each man, 
the Second Coming is to the whole human race. 
... What modern Christians find it harder to remember is that
 the whole life of humanity in this world 
is also, precarious, temporary, provisional.”
+ C.S. Lewis +