25 March 2014

“Power corrupts the few...”

Today a thought from Eric Hoffer came to mind: 

“Power corrupts the few . . . weakness corrupts the many.”

I think it worthwhile to revisit Hoffer's "The True Believer" and "The Ordeal of Change".  If you never read them, perhaps now is a good time to acquaint yourself with Hoffer's non-Freudian philosophical insights.

I had been contemplating the terrible situation in the world -- most of us go about our lives feeling completely impotent in the face of the News of the World whilst those at the top of the heap fulfil their obligations to a script they have been given by their financial owners backers.  'Awake, O sleeper, and arise.'

My musings on the state of the world run something like this: 'I do not blame the Russians in Crimea for being afraid of the far right Ukrainian ultra-nationalists in control of Kiev.  I do not blame the far right ultra-nationalists in Kyiv for hating Moscow.  Fear and hate are easy, and most folk are not able to look beyond them to ask the question "Just who is pulling the strings in this game?" '

We all wonder what is going on in this world around us as very little of it makes any sense at all.  My own musings further lead me to expect Putin to go to war with Turkey so he (and Russia) may create a new Empire that reconquers the lands of the Byzantine Empire.  

I also bear in mind the prophecy among some Russian Old Believers that the Muscovite Patriarch will crown the Anti-Christ in Jerusalem.  

Ah, but what the imagination can summon to cause the trembling of knees and the churning of stomachs!

Anyway, time again to read Eric Hoffer.