14 March 2014

UN: Agenda 21

Agenda 21 of the United Nations is something every Catholic and certainly every US citizen needs to know about. It is not conspiracy theory. If anything it is a genuine conspiracy that needs to be stopped dead in its tracks.  It is one of the most effective mechanisms of the Culture of Death that one will ever encounter, and that is why every Christian needs to do their part to learn about it and stop it. 

Do not vote for anyone who has not offered a public position against Agenda 21.

There are lots of articles on the web.  There is a short but very clear book by Rosa Koire.  By way of example, here is an article on IntelliHub that is being circulated quite a bit right now: click here.

If you know nothing about Agenda 21, I would recommend to reading Rosa Koire's book Behind the Green Mask. She is a lesbian activist with a Democratic Party background, and she has found common ground with Tea Party and Patriot organisations in the USA to get the message out about Agenda 21 and the dangers it poses for all of us.  Perhaps you would rather hear or view a YouTube by her.  I learn something new from each of her presentations.

In a time in which the Estonian government says the Russians are readying to invade the eastern Ukraine, one can be forgiven for thinking that there are more important things than "this Agenda 21 thing", but one would be wrong.  It is all part of the same scripted plan whose end seems to be making sure that there are far fewer human beings alive than are at the present moment.