14 March 2014

Tatars & Greek-Catholics in Crimea.

I wonder what the Crimean Tatars will do once Russia completes its seizing of Crimea.  They constitute 12 per cent of the population of Respublika Krym who are Muslim ... a population that has had more than enough of Russian mischief.  Of course, there are grave concerns for the Greek-Catholic Ukrainians as noted in the following story from Catholic.org:

The Eastern-rite Ukrainian Catholic Church was outlawed between the years of 1946 to 1989. The strongest members lived their faith clandestinely, while others attended an Orthodox church or no church at all. The government confiscated all church property, giving some buildings to the Orthodox and putting other buildings to secular uses. 
Archbishop Shevchuk says that Ukraine's now-ousted president, Viktor Yanukovych, had threatened to ban the Ukrainian Catholic Church because of its support for pro-Western opposition protests. 
[...] Ethnic Russians make up 58 percent of the Crimean population, with Ukrainians 24 percent and mostly Muslim Tartars about 12 percent.
A bishop with Crimea's Orthodox Church associated with the Kiev Patriarchate, which backs the new Ukrainian government, said several prominent pro-Western activists had disappeared. The statement said there was a "real danger to the lives of Ukrainians" in the territory.