12 March 2014

The Sign of the Cross Is not an Abuse

Fr. Z's post on the Sign of the Cross as an Abuse is MUST reading, dear reader.

After entering the Catholic Church I was once excoriated by a member of the Chancery Staff for making the Sign of the Cross at a point and moment that put his knickers in a twist.  

Said Chancery Staff member is no longer a Catholic and is now somewhere among the Separated Brethren who have separated themselves from the Separated Brethren's step-children.  But the same nonsense continues to go on in some fashion in all too many Catholic parishes and dioceses in North America.

It does not matter in the least whether or not one makes the Sign of the Cross after the devout manner of Rome, Constantinople, Etchmiadzin, Alexandria, or Holy Lalibela.  

If the timing or manner in which someone sincerely and faithfully makes the Sign of the Cross bothers you - not to put too fine a point on it - get a life.

The Sign of the Cross is not an Abuse.

Make the Sign of the Cross whenever and wherever the Holy Ghost moveth thee so to do.

Amen. Dixit. Finis. Ende.  

Now time for 'a lovely cup of char' to soothe and warm the heart and for a careful rumination upon happier days in order to warm and soothe the soul.

Link to Fr. Z's post: HERE