21 March 2014

Mezimur: I am Nothing without Him

The Mezimur is a form of Spiritual Song in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.  It is without a doubt an art form of surpassing beauty.  

Some Catholics are familiar with the chants or Mezimur sung by Mirtinesh which have been featured on several blogs including that of my friend Dawn Eden.  

I believe the following Mezimur translates as "I am nothing without Him".  Here it is sung by one of the great spiritual singers of Ethiopia named Yilma Hailu.  

Although you, dear reader, may not understand the words, I think it is salutary for the soul to simply contemplate the English words "I am nothing without Him" and listen to this cantor of God offering up his heart to Christ as he sings:

I am nothing without you, Lord Jesus Christ.